Kodiak HVAC, Inc.

Ventilation and Air Purification

Keep you air flowing as it should and keep it clean. We can install exhaust fans and air purification equipment to keep you breathing easy.

Bath Exhaust Fans

Have a bath fan that doesn't work or a bathroom that needs a whole new install for a fan? We can keep the air flowing out of your bathroom with everything from basic exhaust fans to exhaust fans with built-in lights or fans that come with a heating element in them. We are here with the solution your bathroom needs.

Range Hood Install

Did you know if you have a gas stove top you are required to have a range hood fan that blows the air outside? Whether you want to buy the range hood from us or someplace else, we can install it for you and vent it to the outside where it belongs.


Make sure air is getting to where you need it. From patching holes to replacing entire duct system, we will keep you ducts in a row.

Air Filters

Keeping your air pure, that is our goal. That is why we only use durable pleated filters to keep dust and allergens from getting through.

Electronic Air Filter

Need a little extra purification? This filter system uses electronic charges to zap pollutants out of the air as it runs through your system.

Hepa Filter Systems

Hepa filter systems are the ultimate in air purification and are often used in hospitals and other places where the purity of air can be a matter of life and death.