Kodiak HVAC, Inc.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your system running smoothly with our preventative maintenance plans. We have different options. Each plans requires a low monthly payment and a 1-year contract. Pricing is based on the type and location of the property. Call our office to see the pricing for your location. For your benefit, the pricing range has been listed below so you have an idea of what each plan costs.

Plan 1: Heat only or cool only units - from $13 to $19.50/month

This plan is only available for customers who have a furnace without air conditioning or who have a swamp cooler that they would like serviced without any other additional equipment to be serviced. This plan includes the following:

·         1 Full inspection per year

·         2 filter changes per year (Furnaces only)*

·         Changing of pads 1 time per year (Swamp coolers only)

Plan 2: HVAC Basic PM Plan - from $19.50 to $31.50/month

·         2 full inspections per year with filter changes*

·         2 additional filter changes per year* 

Plan 3: HVAC Standard PM Plan - from $25.50 to $39.00/month

·         4 full inspections per year with filter changes*

·         Cleaning of Condenser Coil 1 time per year.

·         10% off of hourly labor rate for services performed that are not part of the preventative maintenance package.

Plan 4: HVAC Premium PM Plan - from $33.00 to $47.50/month

·         Includes everything from the standard plan plus:

·         Cleaning of indoor coil 1 time per year

·         Replacement of fan belt, if needed, 1 time per year

·         Priority scheduling on all service calls

·         After-hours calls billed at the same rate as service calls ran during normal business hours**

Additional HVAC Equipment included on the HVAC PM Plan provides the following discounts.

If you have a total of:


2–5 HVAC units: A 25% discount is applied to the total monthly bill

More than 5 HVAC Units: A 50% discount is applied to the total monthly bill.


The following is a list of add-on options for additional equipment and the customer will receive all applicable services from the PM Plan chosen from above. If you would like services on a piece of equipment listed below, without a HVAC PM Plan, please contact us so we may provide you with a personalized preventative maintenance plan for that piece of equipment.


Piece of equipment                             Additional monthly cost:

Water Heater                                      $5.00

Exhaust Fan                                         $5.00

Residential Frige/Freezer                  $5.00  

Reach-in Cooler/Freezer                  $10.00

Walk-in Cooler/Freezer                    $15.00

*All residential service plans include up to 2 filters per filter change per unit. All commercial service plans include up to 4 filters per filter change per unit. Any additional filters will be charged separately from the preventative maintenance plan.

**Service calls ran on major holidays do not apply and will be billed at our normal holiday rate.