Kodiak HVAC, Inc.

Heating Solutions

Standard Gas Furnace

We offer services on all brands of furnaces and we can replace any brand of furnace and any efficiency furnace. Standard efficiency is rated at 80% compared to the old pilot-burning furnaces which were only 70% efficient. For new installs we offer York and Lennox brands as well as a variety of more affordable brands.

High Efficiency Furnaces

We offer high efficiency furnaces up to 96% efficiency. We can replace any standard efficiency furnace with a high efficiency furnace. Instead of using standard metal flue pipes, high efficiency furnaces use PVC pipe for exhaust. They also require a condensate line to be ran, as these types of furnaces are condensing furnaces.

Gas Fireplaces

We service all gas-fueled fireplaces and can replace any part of the entire fireplace, if needed.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are generally used for supplemental heat, but can be used as a primary heat source depending on the rating of the heat pump. Heat pumps are a technology that is installed into a standard A/C system to utilize all the components of A/C, but reverses the flow of refrigerant to put heat into the space instead of cooling.

Baseboard Heat

Baseboard heat is either designed with copper tubing running through, carrying hot water from a boiler or it has electric heat running through it. Our company can install and service both types of baseboard heating.

Gas Unit Heater

Have a more localized place that needs heat, but requires more than just a space heater? Unit heaters are ideal for garages and other large areas that need heat.

Gas Line Install

We also offer installation of gas line for any natural gas or propane fueled appliance. Call to find out more details.