Kodiak HVAC, Inc.

Meet the Kodiak


The story behind the bear

Kodiak Bears are a type of brown bear that inhabit parts of Alaska and in no way are directly connected to Kodiak HVAC, Inc. So where did we get our name from? Well, you were on the right track, it does have to do with bears, but only stealing certain traits from the bear. Bears can be fierce, man-eating machines. This is true, but they can also be loyal, trusting, and protective of those within their circle of friends.

Kodiak HVAC, Inc. was founded much on the same principles. When Jarrod first started out on this endeavor, it was inspired by people. People who were not getting a fair shake. We're not saying all companies are out to rip people off, but Jarrod had seen first hand how companies would over-charge customers. He worked for a few commercial HVAC companies that jacked up their prices simply because their customers had no choice but to pay it. Jarrod researched several residential HVAC companies to find out they all paid their technicians on commission. "Why?" Jarrod thought. "These companies should be hiring technicians, not salesmen." Thus, Kodiak HVAC, Inc. was born. To provide quality service to its customers by qualified technicians, not salesmen. We are here to provide a friendly face and trustworthy service that inspires loyalty in our customers without the high price. We hope you will put your trust in us for many years to come.

A few strong, but growing

Meet the team


Jarrod Harris - Owner

Jarrod started this business with a dream and the help of his wife, Bianca and children Andrew and Adeline. Jarrod is a native of Colorado where he was born and raised. He graduated with an Associates of Occupational Studies degree in HVAC/R from Redstone College in 2010. He then pursued this career for several years working for HVAC and refrigeration companies, until starting out on his own the fall of 2014, incorporating Kodiak HVAC, Inc. December 7, 2015.

Bianca Harris - Office Mgr

A preschool teacher, by trade, Bianca has been a great help both raising her and Jarrod's two children while her clerical skills have been instrumental in running the office. Bianca was also born and raised in Colorado. Jarrod and Bianca met at church in 2003 and were married in 2004. They had their son in 2005 and a bouncing baby girl in 2012. They all currently live in Denver, CO where they run the business from their home.

Phillip Wright - Technician

Phil recently joined the team. Phil has a background in electronic engineering from the military. After his release he sought out a certificate in HVAC. Phil is new to the field, but has already proven himself with keen observation and troubleshooting skills.